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Providing ethereal jam-scapes since before you knew!

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In the spring of 2020 Light Sensitive Temperature Neutral (L.S.T.N.) started creating their own high energy form of improvised funk/jam and "future disco" in the city of Rochester. Since landing their first show in June of 2021 their feverish pace took them from a small local bar to regional longtime favorite Sterling Stage. By mid 2022 they had played 20 shows and festivals in the surrounding area, supporting many popular groups and headlining their own uniquely themed shows. L.S.T.N. is still in its early years, but 2023 has proved to have more momentum than the last. We are still currently an independent operation. We have just completed the first part of recording our first live studio session in March of 2023. We are looking forward to a full release in early 2024! All current information/media is located on our Facebook page, and in less than a year we have cultivated over a thousand followers!

LSTN, band playing at Nietzsches
LSTN, drummer playing at Nietzsches
LSTN, bassist playing at Nietzsches
LSTN, keyboardist playing at Nietzsches
LSTN, singer playing at Nietzsches
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